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How many grafts are actually needed for the desired result, our specialists decide independently and in consultation with our patients on site. Since hair growth in every human being is different, people can use thinner, clear inherently hair grafts survive on less than individuals whose hair roots closely related to each other and their hair depict a thick hair image ..

The fact is, we can offer hair transplants to at unique prices and with excellent quality. And this is only due to the fact that we do not firstly on cost of expensive advertising and rent no overpriced offices. Secondly, we consider our ability to socio-cultural aspect. Our team is very experienced as well understood that unnecessary complications and costs can be avoided here.
Our specialized partners clinic works with the latest medical equipment, which give you up to 4500 grafts in “only” a meeting. . This you can not only priced to Good
“hair transplant should be affordable for everyone” – Take the chance and talk to us.

This teilwese, very large difference in price is due to the low cost of living in Turkey. Wages, residential rents and wage costs are comparatively low. For example, is the gross domestic product per capita in Germany 42,273 US dollars and in Turkey 15,577 US dollars.

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Kostenvoranschlag heizungspumpenvergleich
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